Shawn Shubert CMT, LMT

Restore Harmony Massage Therapy

Active isolated stretching, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release to deep tissue and ultrasound therapy. Let us create a session specific to your needs that will help to "Restore Harmony".

Dr. Jen Milus

Milus Chiropractic

The restoration and maintenance of proper musculoskeletal biomechanics through spinal manipulative therapy, soft tissue release, muscular re-education and therapeutic exercise, following a thorough process of a specific and focused diagnosis.

Kevin Mao PT, DPT

Balance & Body Restoration

"We Help Health-Conscious People Aged 45+ Heal Their Bodies Naturally, Reduce Their Stress, and Stay Active and Mobile Without Relying on Pain-killers or Unnecessary Surgeries"

Dr. Lawrence Callaway D.C.

HealthSpring Chiropractic

Dr. Callaway aspires to help his patients understand the unique relationship among chiropractic, optimum body function and peak performance. Dr. Callaway defines performance as being able to do the things in life you want and need to do.

Chris Corrales, Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner


MedicinEvolution combines the wonders of massage and chiropractic work through Bodywork and Structural Integration to help you get rid of pain and start moving in your daily life.