I highly recommend Pleasanton Pilates. I happened to drop by the studio in the fall of 2015 looking for a place that specialized in “classical” Pilates. I entered the very well equipped studio and was very impressed by the owner/lead instructor Nikki Fifles. This was the beginning of my twice a week private Pilates sessions with Nikki that continue to this day. I have a few physical impairments, including Parkinson’s Disease, that I have attempted to manage in the past by a multitude of medical physical therapy sessions; to date none have been as effective as Pilates as taught by Nikki. Nikki’s extensive knowledge of physiology, Pilates and rehabilitation modalities has allowed my workouts to be customized for my specific needs and to change over time as I require. Today my core is stronger, my balance is better, my gait has improved, my flexibility has increased, my ability to juggle has returned and I am happier overall with my physical condition. My neurologist was amazed at my results. I look forward to continuing my work with Nikki and her team of excellent instructors well into the future.
— Andy A.

I started taking lessons from Nikki last summer and I am extremely pleased. The studio, as other reviewers have commented, is light, airy and very clean. They are diligent about cleaning the equipment after each user. – something that is unusual in any other yoga or exercise facility. Nikki’s instruction is professional and supportive. I enjoy the lovely space and learning new things about my body at every session. My core has gotten much stronger in the months I have been attending and I constantly find myself thinking about my posture and how I use my core as I go about my day. The equipment is top of the line as is the instruction. I highly recommend Pleasanton Pilates.
— Victoria B.
I noticed improvements in my core strength which has turned into better run times per mile as well as better posture while running. I also had significant back pain which might have been linked to my tight hamstrings and weak hips because now that my core has improved my back pain is gone.
— Sarah C.

I’ve noticed a big improvement in core strength-huge for me as I had a baby 7 months ago and in flexibility. This is my go- to studio for a full body workout!
— Lindsey S.
I’m a runner and had hip problems. No more after strengthening my core – and this has been the perfect compliment for cross training. I’m a super busy consulting leader so appreciate how flexible they are week to week with my scheduling too! Highly recommend.
— Jane A.
Pleasanton Pilates offers the best in Pilates training. The difference you will see and feel in your body is unmatched. My body bounced back after pregnancy due to pilates!… The studio is very peaceful and clean with the highest quality equipment available. Don’t hesitate to try Pleasanton Pilates.
— Anne C.