Physical-culturist and German gymnast Joseph H. Pilates founded the system of exercises intertwining mental and physical health known as Pilates in the first half of the 20th Century. Influenced by a variety of physical training regimes practiced in his youth, he developed Pilates to aid trapped veterans in rehabilitation throughout the close of World War I. Beginning with 34 floor exercises on the mat, he later developed the Pilates system further by adding pieces of apparatus, including a variety of props as well as the reformer.

The expansion of Pilates into new studios was led by select primary disciples, of which most prominently known is Romana Kryzanowska. The guidelines of Classical Pilates as taught and established by Joseph Pilates was known best by Romana, as she continued to operate his studio following his death. Pilates Master teacher Jay Grimes said that nobody knows Joseph Pilates’ work better than Kryzanowska. Romana’s instruction and values are integrated into the very foundation of Pleasanton Pilates, as Nikki Fifles established her teaching background by studying Romana’s Pilates through workshops, conferences, and trainings.

Whereas the Pilates system was once confined to these given studios and small class sizes, it has now exploded in popularity, spreading into mainstream gyms and centers worldwide. Many of these exercise clubs and even some Pilates studios, however, have adopted the Pilates system in ways disapproved by its creator and by the contemporary schools of Authentic Pilates who continue teaching his method. At Pleasanton Pilates you will experience only the utmost dedication to both Classical Pilates as taught and approved by Joseph H. Pilates blended with Modern Pilates as interpreted and promoted by Romana Kryzanowska.