At Pleasanton Pilates we emphasize the Classical Pilates approach with small class size and tailored instruction. Private sessions are required before a student can join a class. All sessions are by appointment only.

Private sessions

Private Sessions allow instructors to focus on specific goals and needs of the student.

  • $86 single session

  • $213 for 3 Private Sessions- Introductory Package (one time only)

  • $405 for 5 sessions

  • $760 for 10 sessions



Duets are for two students that are on the same working level.

  • $66 single session per person

  • $610 for 10 sessions per person


Small group tower classes

Small Group Tower Classes are designed for three-four students that are on the same working level.

  • $41 single session

  • $360 for 10 sessions



As a student of Pleasanton Pilates you’ll further your practice by utilizing Pilates Designs by Basil equipment, apparatus that are architected by Basil Blecher. Following his professional development and experience at Gratz (the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment as approved by Joseph H. Pilates himself) Basil went on to create his own line after having earned admiration of the foremost figures in the Pilates world. He has created an equipment line admired for their remarkable wood craftsmanship and supreme efficiency. While still employing the original designs and concepts as enforced by Joseph H. Pilates Basil’s line allows for “fluid transitions in the choreography of all routines, allowing users to focus on the exercises (and their bodies) and not on the equipment.”